Alfred Weekes
wire figurines are made of one continuous coil of galvanized wire, for a flexibility that virtually rules out breakage.

Each piece is then mounted on a solid wooden base and our special finishing process added.

If bent or twisted, a piece can be easily manipulated into its original position.

Every detail is attended to so as to realize the most authentic portrayal of Caribbean life and culture.

Over the past few years, we have added a wide array of designs which reflect our experiences in North America.
The omnipresent influences of sports and music, have inspired us to create images through the eyes of adoring fans.

Fine Arts
By Alfred Weekes

Alfred Weekes Wire Craft Gifts
Alfred Weekes Fine Art         More Weekes-Wire Craft >>>
AW01 Guitar Player
AW02 Steelpan Man
AW04 Banjo Player
AW05 Water Carrier
AW06 Fisherman rod
Fisherman bucket
25.00 AW06B
Fisherman line
AW07 Lady Vendor
$25.00 AW08
Lady Vendor tray SQ.
$25.00 AW08A
Lady Vendor tray RD.
$25.00 AW09
Sugarcane cutter
AW03 Bongo

AW18 Card Holder
AW14 Tree & guitar
$35.00 AW12
Tree & Pan player
AW13 Tree & Banjo


AW11 Limbo dancer


AW15 Limbo & pan


AW17 Tree w/ Tuk Band

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