Ras Ilix Heartman

"Art is a revolutionary medium which reflects the spirit of the people. A confrontation with the experiences of life, to the ready mind."

These are the reflections of Ras Ilix Heartman, wood sculptor and farmer, whose creations have increasingly been taking him away from the warm shores of his homeland. Before exhibiting his sculpture at the "In The Spirit Festival" Martha's Vineyard, Mass., August 1994, Ras Ilix attended the Third Havana Biennial in Cuba as well as showing at numerous exhibitions in Barbados.

His woodcarvings were exhibited at 479 Gallery, Soho, NYC, as part of a Barbadian Art Exhibition, December 1994, and were featured in "Rastafarian Visions" at the Barbados Consulate, NYC, October 1995.

He also participated in several art shows throughout the NY Tri-State area during summer 1995. Ras Ilix's sculpture Melchizedek was awarded "Best In Show" at the 1997 Black History Month Exhibition held at Hintersteiner Gallery, Washington Heights, NY.

During November 1999, his work was part of the exhibition, "Barbadian Art at the OAS", held at the Organization of the American States, Washington, DC.

A largely self taught, intuitive artist, Ras Ilix would like the opportunity to further his studies in woodcarving on the African continent.

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