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Ras Bongo Congo I

Since his conversion to the Rastafari faith in 1978, Ras Bongo Congo I has augmented his early training as a stonemason with a new found consciousness, to become one of the leading sculptors in Barbados today.

He is a multiple Gold Award winner in the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (N1FCA), and in 1991 was part of a 3 Dimensional Design workshop, coordinated by the OAS and the National Cultural Foundation.

1992 saw Ras Bongo join with painter Ras Jahaziel Tafari for the groundbreaking exhibition 'Let My People Go', at Queens Park Gallery, Bridgetown. Since then he has represented Barbados at CARIFESTA V in Trinidad and Tobago, and 'A Bridge To The Americas' exhibition, Alfred 1. Dupont Building, Miami.

His other exhibitions include, 'Great Kings of Cricket', Grand Salle Gallery - Central Bank of Barbados, as well as contemporary shows at the Barbados National Bank, Sherbourne Centre, the University of the West Indies, and the Barbados Consulate, NYC.

As Ras Bongo envisions it, "Art is the soul of the people. The expression which the artist projects should uplift and guide the people."

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